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The configuration planning of class a large

The configuration planning of class a large

The 12th five-year plan for the allocation of large medical equipment of class a (hereinafter referred to as the plan) has entered the stage of soliciting opinions and will be implemented in the second half of the year., head of the department of the ministry of health planning at the China medical equipment association recently in suzhou, according to the 21st annual meeting of the academic focus on resource adjustment planning, key support for national health service center, regional central cities and configuration the configuration of the blank area, meet the requirements of the standard and medical institutions, social capital, without being limited by the planning index.Furthermore, the plan supports the establishment of regional medical imaging centers.

According to the use and management of large medical equipment configuration and method ", a class of large-scale medical equipment have the X line - positron emission computed tomography (CT) scanner (PET - CT, including positron emission type fault instrument, or PET), gamma stereotactic treatment system (gamma knife), medical electron cyclotron treatment system (MM50), proton therapy, etc.

According to the plan (draft), 2011-2015, the national PET - CT configuration plan of step-by-step implementation, key support regional medical center and configuration blank areas, actively guide and support the region medical institutions joint declaration, and sharing, sharing, condominium, support the public medical institutions reasonably equipped, 160 sets of new planning configuration during the planning period.

High - end radiotherapy equipment has high safety requirements.In the process of the formulation of the plan, the experts clarified the concept of high-end radiotherapy equipment through demonstration, namely the radiotherapy equipment based on rotational toning and body stereotactic technology.According to the introduction, the configuration planning of high-end radiotherapy equipment will adhere to the guidelines of coordinating medical resources, strengthening planning guidance, optimizing regional layout, improving configuration efficiency, ensuring application quality and controlling unreasonable growth of medical expenses.

The configuration of surgical robots is different from that of high-end radiotherapy equipment, which is based on the tracking and research of high-tech medical technology. Therefore, the planning index control is very strict, and only medical institutions with a certain level and ability can be configured.

So far, the ministry of health has approved the allocation of gamma knife to 36 medical institutions, and plans to issue 20 allocation permits this year, according to the department's official.In addition, during the 12th five-year plan period, China will strengthen the training of gamma knife professionals in head to improve application quality and ensure medical quality and safety.

Experts reckon that to track the new technology, can be appropriately configuration a small amount of proton therapy system, to carry out the clinical application and basic research work, but the still should be treated with developing traditional high-energy photons advisable, in proton/application of heavy ion therapy system for domestic equipment to make comprehensive assessment in the past, will not enter the examination and approval of new configuration.

In addition, the ministry of health will strengthen the forward-looking management of new large medical equipment.New-type large-scale medical equipment refers to the medical equipment first imported from abroad or developed and manufactured domestically. After being registered by the state food and drug regulatory authority, the market price of a single (set) is more than 5 million yuan.After evaluating the suitability of the new large medical equipment, the medical institution can use the equipment.

"It is possible that many medical institutions have applied for the allocation, but it will only be implemented after the plan is released, and we will press ahead with it as soon as possible.""The formulation and implementation of the plan requires the cooperation of manufacturers and suppliers, and if the price of certain medical equipment, especially high-end and large imported equipment, is not lowered, the planning control will not be relaxed," the regulator said.